About Sab Rang Radio

Sab Rang Radio founders

It was 1999 Sarbant Singh Dosanjh conceived an idea to set up a Punjabi radio station to propagate Gurbani, Culture, Social, Literary and Educational aspects of our society. He consulted Harphuman Singh and both of them decided to have a go on this project.

Sab Rang Radio came in formation in 1999 and first programme for 28 days came on air in November 1999 to celebrate sacred birthday of Sri Guru Nanak Sahib. The founder organisers were

  • Sarbant Singh Dosanjh
  • Harphuman Singh Notay
  • Raghbir Singh Sangha
  • Darshan Singh Garcha

Then after few years another organiser came in to the above-mentioned sewadar team of Sab Rang Radio named

  • Ajit Singh Lall

Sab Rang Radio is a magazine station developed especially for Punjabi community in and around the Bradford covering the Religious, Social, Literary and Educational aspects of our society. Sab Rang Radio serves the community twice a year.

  • In April to celebrate Vaisakhi the birthday of Khalsa
  • In November to celebrate the sacred birthday of Sri Guru Nanak Sahib and Diwali

Sab Rang Radio is a media through which local community can express their views and opinions to enrich the radio programmes and Gurdwaras programmes, whilst keeping in touch with their culture and roots.

Raising money for good causes

Dedicated to help the community, Sab Rang Radio has raised substantial amount of money for various good causes, such as:

  • Children in need
  • British Heart research
  • Scanning machine for BRI Bradford
  • New bus for Fair Field Special school, Heckmondwyke
  • Pinglewara in India
  • Banjareys in India
  • Indian Prime Minister appeal for flood disaster
  • Heabeat NHS Collection

Special topics covered

Sab Rang Radio arranges for various professionals to deliver lectures on the various topics such as:

  • Social services
  • Fire brigades
  • Ambulances and police
  • Self safety at work and in the kitchen whilst cooking
  • Eyes, teeth and general health
  • NHS Chaplaincy